Re: Traverse City, MI Loggings, All Times Eastern


Hi Tony,

Congrats on 20 States Heard. wonder if have any i don't have yet ?
how about ME, NH, VT, DE, AL, SD ?????

Have you built your indoor loop antenna yet ? it will be necessary to get the hard states. i just hooked up a DSP (digital signal processing) unit to my receivers audio today. its the JPS NIR-12 and goes between the receive audio out and my external amp/speaker. I'm hearing a bunch of 1kw stations, best dx is 1 Chicago IL. also have 1 Ohio, in addition to 5 MI stations.

the WWJ iboc hash is pretty severe here, wiping out all of 940 and most of 960 kc. 940 is where i picked up MS (before iboc).

byron wa8lcz nr Detroit

--- In ultralightdx@..., Antonios Kekalos <akekalos@...> wrote:

2.15.10, AM 630, CFCO, Chatham, ON, 237mi/381km, 10k/6k, //92.9, Sony
2.16.10, AM 1190, WOWO, Fort Wayne, IN, 261mi/420km, 50k/9.8k, Sony SRF-M37V
2.16.10, AM 1500, WLQV, Detroit, MI, 213mi/343km, 50k/5k, Sony SRF-M37V
2.16.10, AM 1510, WLAC, Nashville, TN, 589mi/949km, 50k/50k, Sony SRF-M37V

Tony Kekalos
Traverse City, MI

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