Re: 300


Well it's been quite a while since I bought a WRTVH. After ex number of years, old editions are more of a hindrance than a help. But 191 stations, I thought with Radio Reloj was pretty much it, in Cuba with ole' Fidel and all.

Yes, I'm not as aggressive as I could be, for four days a week, I have to study and go to trade school at night. So Friday - Sunday night is my normal stalking time for Sun setting. I've been lucky as of late for my schools had five or six "Snow Days" that has canceled school but we'll have to make them up in July.

That or I could really poor on the coal. My best night so far has been January 23rd of this year where I logged 15 solid ID's and 2 probables. BTW, probables don't count in my overall log.

But still great going on your end. now I go to pick up a new edition of the WRTVH.

Alex N8UCN / KOH8IG / SWLR-RN037

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