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Russ Edmunds <wb2bjh@...>

That depends on whether you're speaking of a tuner AM only loop or  a broadband loop. On the latter, spacing wouldn't be critical.

For a 2' loop, the ideal spacing would be about 3/8, perhaps a bit less. For a 4' loop, 1/2 is better.

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Great idea! 3/8th inch might be good up to a 2 foot loop or so. That is just a guess, not certain. I have thought of using peg board for one inch spacing. - FARMERIK

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> In making spreaders for Loops I've found a great answer. Those Afro hair
> combs - you know with the long tines -about 8 of them with a flat handle. $2
> shop stuff. Cut the tines (carefully) with pliers to about 1 inch. Screw the
> handle to your loop arm, wire it up and then hotmelt glue the wire to the
> spreader. Taught forever. The spacing of the tines makes the wire spacing
> about 3/8th of an inch - ideal I have read.
> Tony King
> Greytown NZ

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