Re: DXing tomorrow AM from Pimentel, Peru

Gary DeBock

Hi John,
     Good luck on chasing the TP's and DU's tomorrow-- or maybe down there they are UP's and HU's?? (Upper Pacifics and Here Unders). 
     It will be very interesting to know what your modified E100 and the Kaito 1103 can hear from Pimentel, Peru.  If this morning's superb conditions continue tomorrow, you should have a fantastic time right on that ocean beach pier.
     Yes, it was the worst possible morning to sleep in, although at 1330 there was still enough exceptional propagation to log 639-CNR1 in Beijing, 675-Hohhot (presumed), and 918-Shandong, all on the modified E100 with the 7.5" Slider loopstick.  Only 5 more Ultralight TP's, and I'll be ready for the "Master Ultralight TP DXer" award--  which you qualified for way back in July after two trips to Grayland with the Wellbrook array :>)
     73,  Gary

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