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Gary DeBock

Hello All,
Thanks to all who have posted comments concerning the Ultralight Radio Awards program. Rob Ross and I have already done some preparatory work to maintain John's artwork in future Award Certificates, and partly as a tribute to John, we do plan to maintain the diverse award categories available under the current incentive system.
Our program is based upon using the artwork in existing certificates, so many of the Award Certificates sent to Rob and me have already been processed for use in new DXers' applications. Allen Willie and Kirk Allen have also kindly sent samples of the new "Centurion" Awards. What we currently lack are samples of the "basic" Award Certificates (100 stations heard, 20 states heard, etc.), so if you have received any Award Certificate from John recently that you think may be in this category, please consider sending the certificate (in file form) directly to me at d1028gary@... .
Certain certificates like the "Centurian" awards will require some additional time to process for further usage (using the Adobe Photoshop software), but the following awards sent to John and me have already been successfully processed for new applications:
1) 10 Countries Heard
2) 30 Latin American Stations Heard
3) 25 Countries Heard
4) 30 States Heard
5) 60 Graveyard Stations Heard
6) 6 Canadian Provinces Heard
7) 4 Continents Heard
8) Master DXer- 500 Stations Heard
9) Master DXer- 6 Canadian Provinces Heard
10) Master DXer- 40 US States Heard
11) Trans-Atlantic DXer (1 TA Heard)
12) Trans-Pacific DXer (1 TP Heard)
If any of you have interest to apply for one of these 12 Award Certificates (with John's original artwork), please submit your applications to Rob Ross, and they will be processed as time allows. Sample certificates in other Award categories will be greatly appreciated, and will be used to continue the original Ultralight Awards program (retaining John's creative artwork).
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)   
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AND, all of us that have received awards can send a list to whoever takes on this job, via private email. to reconstruct these lists of awards. also, anyone can find the last award listing from John and Yahoo makes a list of previous emails with the same titles. that should make the job easier.

keeping track of who achieves awards, on this website, is most important, to encourage others to go after new awards. just like radio mods, it certainly has spurred me on. i'm starting on a srf-59 mod with vernier drive, bigger battery, external audio amp and external ferrite rod w/litz wire.

800 stations, 40 states, 8 provinces. it shows whats possible and gives all of us, hope.

byron wa8lcz

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> --- In, D1028Gary@ wrote:
> > Partly in order to honor John's memory, however, we certainly
> > do plan to continue the Ultralight Awards program, and welcome your
> > comments and suggestions as we proceed in this effort.
> As one of those goaded by John to apply, I appreciate the effort he and
> Rob put into the program. I would strongly urge you to cut back on the
> number of certificates, though that's easy for me to say, having hit
> many of them already. We could discuss the breakdown forever, so I'd
> leave that up to you and Rob.
> Unfortunately, John probably didn't transmit records of total
> certificates at any level either, so you may want to start from scratch,
> with a smaller list of awards. (You'd have to dig through the posts on
> Yahoo to find all his reports. Ugh.) No one would fault you for trimming
> the program.
> Assuming you start fresh, another thing I would suggest is to
> periodically upload a file with recipient's names and certificates
> awarded, to the Files section, for reference and continuity. Thanks for
> volunteering to take this on!
> 73,
> Jim, KR1S
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