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Congrats on the 263 total stations!

It may be time to start a station target list, analyze SR/SS charts, and
review the NRC antenna pattern book! I'm saving the heavy artillary
(Beverage antennas) for later...hi.

The latest stations heard here were XEVK-1010 and XEIB-1170 for Latin
Americans #29 and #30. XEVK has a new slogan "La Poderosa". XEIB was still
using "La Primera". My ultralight web page was recently updated with a
better station total breakout upon the announcement of the new Centurian
Award (link is in my sig below). As Jim mentioned my total is 264 so he's
catching me and fast by using the Cuban wall to his advantage.


Chris Knight (N0IJK)
Fort Lupton, Colorado

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Let two weeks slip by without DXing, and Chris Knight has pulled ahead of
me, with 264 ULR stations to my 263. When John Bryant announced the
Centurian awards, I started from scratch to see how many Cubans I could log.
It seemed possible to get 100, but now I have some doubts. There are 59 in
the new log, and 7 previously logged that haven't been re-logged, but the
pond may be fished out. I'm just far enough from Cuba that not too many make
it through in daylight, eliminating most of the daytime-only stations. BTW,
if you look at WRTH and see several Cuban stations on one frequency, chances
are, all or most are daytime-only. This is especially true if more than one
network shares a frequency. I heard more than one Reloj on the same
frequency at night once, and they were a little out of sync, so there were
three Rs in the Morse Code ID, instead of two!

Spending time digging for Cubans (I call it Operation Bay of Sigs) has
netted a few new TA and domestic stations along the way. Last night,
Absolute Radio 1215 was stronger than ever here, and I figured a few more
Europeans might fall in, but AR went away and took the rest of the continent
with it. Even the Africans were no shows. The aurora looked pretty fat last
night, and skip generally seemed short. WWVA was a powerhouse in the car
yesterday morning, but WACV in AL was dominating 1170 at SRS this morning,
with brief appearances by WAVS down Fort Lauderdale way.

Combining the ULR log with the regen log, I have 349 overall (since last
September), so I need to figure out what the ULR has missed and find them
again. These days I seem to spend more time sorting spreadsheets than
listening to the radio. But I enjoy jousting with the Knight, and now I have
a plan to get ahead of him again!


Jim, KR1S

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