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>  Other than the usuals I did have a few unidentifieds such as Oldies on 1520  ? mixing with a Gospel station on same ? I turned the radio slightly trying to null the usual powerhouse  in Buffalo, NY . I was actually trying for my first Oklahoma station on ULR in possibly hearing KOKC from there but to no avail.

That Oldies would be worth figuring out. A long shot, but maybe WSVX in Indiana. There aren't many all-nighters on 1520 out east, other than KOKC, WWKB and WVOZ down in Puerto Rico. As for the Gospel station, the only ones on my list are WHIM, down here in Florida (they may have been cheating on the power) and WNWT in Ohio.

KOKC's night-time pattern protects WWKB, so it will be tough up there. In South Florida, I can only hear them at SSS, mixing with WWKB and the Saudi. Once they switch patterns at their sunset, they're usually gone for the night.

This is a list of a relatively eastern 1520s, with day/night powers.

WHIM     APOPKA                  FL      5000      350 
WEXY     WILTON MANORS           FL      3500      250 
WSVX     SHELBYVILLE             IN      1000      250   
KFXZ     LAFAYETTE               LA     10000      500
WMLM     ST. LOUIS               MI      1000     1000  
KRHW     SIKESTON                MO      5000     1600  
WWKB     BUFFALO                 NY     50000    50000 
WNWT     ROSSFORD                OH       500      400  
KOKC     OKLAHOMA CITY           OK     50000    50000  
WVOZ     SAN JUAN                PR     25000    25000 



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