conditions this morning

Allen Willie

 Hi Guys,
Woke up earlier this morning at 4:30 AM local so thought I'd see what I could catch  with the K index a bit higher . Dxed for a few hours sitting on several different frequencies in hopes of pulling out some stations under some stronger regular ones and also tried  a few graveyard frequencies waiting for any weaker signals to rise to the top.
 Other than the usuals I did have a few unidentifieds such as Oldies on 1520  ? mixing with a Gospel station on same ? I turned the radio slightly trying to null the usual powerhouse  in Buffalo, NY . I was actually trying for my first Oklahoma station on ULR in possibly hearing KOKC from there but to no avail.
 If and when I finally do hear Oklahoma , the catch will be dedicated to our dear friend John Bryant who hailed from that fine state.
I did manage to catch a rare one,  not often heard here as follows:
1150 khz - WHBY - Kimberley, Wisconsin   2/14/10  10:20 UTC  w/ news &  talk and legal ID (under a louder CHGM Gaspe, Quebec ) SRF-M37V barefoot
Also heard:
1160 khz - WYLL - Chicago, Illinois  2/14/10  8:15 UTC  w/ religious programming and talk and ID
1250 khz - WGAM - Manchester, New Hampshire  8:19 UTC  2/14/10 w/ sports show and talk , ESPN and legal ID's
1290 khz - CFRW - Winnipeg, Manitoba  2/14/10   8:24 UTC w/ oldies mixing with WRNI in  Rhode Island
1310 khz - CIWW - Ottawa, Ontario 2/14/10  10:50 UTC  w/ Oldies and "Oldies 13-10" ID by woman
1390 khz - WEGP - Presque Isle , Maine   2/14/10  10:55 UTC  w/ talk program and ID
(both CIWW and WEGP were  very strong in decent daylight here  by this time ! )
Radios used  SRF-M37V and SRF-39FP barefoot
Good DX
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland
47:37N    52:45 W

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