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> AND, all of us that have received awards can send a list to whoever takes on this job, via private email. to reconstruct these lists of awards.

I thought about this, but some people who got awards may not be reading the list regularly and won't know. I hate to ask Rob and Gary to pore over old messages looking for info.

After WW2, ARRL restarted DXCC, because so much had changed. It might be best for Rob and Gary to do the same. Anyone who has an award knows it and won't reapply for the same one. Pick a smaller set of awards and start numbering certificates at 0001. This is an all-volunteer effort, and that's expecting more than enough of them IMO. I'd prioritize it something like this:

1. Listening to the radio
2. Spending time with family (let's be honest!)
3. Standing on line at Motor Vehicles
4. Going to the dentist
5. Making award certificates


Jim, KR1S 

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