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Gary DeBock

Hello Raphael,
Thanks for your interest in the new Tecsun PL-360.
The model does indeed have a detachable belt clip, as shown in the photo below. There are two clip-on slots (located on each cabinet side), designed to hold the belt clip securely in place. But as Marc has already mentioned, there is no AM bandwidth control on the PL-360-- the DSP filtering is fixed at 3 kHz, such as on the Tecsun PL-300WT/ Grundig G8 models.
There hasn't really been time here yet to play around with any PL-360 loopstick replacements, but I do agree with Marc that inductively coupling the huge PVC loops to the tiny plug-in loopstick would probably give better DXing results than attempting to plug in huge substitute loopsticks, or directly plugging in the air core loops. The DSP radios do have excellent resistance to overloading, however, and are fairly crunch-resistant even with the 9' sided loop (which badly overloads almost every other type of ULR).
73, Gary                                                      
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Dear Gary:  Is the belt clip detachable, and most importantly, I do not see the AM bandwidth control I have ccome to love on the 380--is that correct? Finally, have you tried plugging in any of your big loops via the 1/8" jack--if so how much increase in signal and any overloading issues?

Thanks for the  share!

Raphael Pollock

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Hello All,

For those interested in the new Tecsun PL-360 AM-FM-SW DSP receiver, a 10-photo album has been uploaded to the Ultralightdx file site. This album has close-up views of the plug-in loopstick, the control panel, the included accessories, and the volume and tuning thumb wheel controls, and a side-by-side comparison with the PL-380 model. The album is available at the following link:

73, Gary DeBock

(in Puyallup, WA, USA)


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