ULR DX.......2 NEW STATIONS this week...One @ Sunset tonight.....

robert ross

Hi Guys:

2 New Stations logged on Ultralight this week....one from this
Monday and the other tonight @ SUNSET. It's been a rather bizarre week
for me...so not much DXing done til this evening. Hopefully things will
return to normal and we can get back to the dials. I'm off work til
Wednesday...so I hope to find some time in between watching the Olympics
on the Tube!!

Both of these Stations are NEW to the OVERALL LOG and the ULR LOG.

Radio Used...........SONY SRF-T615 ULR Barefoot

ULR LOG TOTALS are.....808 Stations Logged

73.............ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

910 KCJB Minot, ND Feb/08/10 2131 EST EE FAIR
Country Music @ 2131 EST "Okie from Muskogee".ID and
Jingle Sung out...."91 Country KCJB". More CW Music.
Weather for Minot area and 2038 CST Time Check.
Local Ad string and spot for "Coaches Corner" @ 2140.

NEW STN ULR # 807 5/1 KW
1210 WANB Waynesburg, PA. 1741 EST EE GOOD
Country Music @ 1741 EST. ID by Male DJ "Cool Country
WANB". Into more Country Music. Another ID and Station
Promo for "Cool Country WANB".

NEW STN ULR # 808 5 KW Days

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