Loggings for sunset 12/12/10


Another sunset, another chance, at trying to log more station trying to cross the 100 stations heard mark. Tonight I went to dig through the mud above 1200 KHZ. All I can say is it was a challenge and also very tiring to listen to 3 and 4 stations duke it out on a frequency just to try and hear one above the rest.  But I pulled out 3 clear ID'd stations and one that I've tryed hard to figure out, it's on tape, and I'll have to work on it to see what I can pull up.

   All stations were logged on a barefoot, SRF-49 all times are in UTC.
 AMP = Air Mile Path. This is calculated by Google Maps from city of station coverage to my QTH in Springboro, OH. 


1310 WCCW  Traverse City, MI 12 February 2010 2207 EE Poor AMP 368 Mi
Heard: Station ID as station sank in to the mud of at least two other unID'd stations.
ULR LOG: # 93 15 Kw / 7.5 Kw
1320 WLIS  Lansing, Mi 12 February 2010 2208-2220 Poor to Good AMP 221 Mi
Heard:Heard announcer with ID, and commercials. ID came during a clear patch, but listening was difficult, due to multiple competing stations.  
ULR LOG: # 94 25 Kw / 1.9 Kw
1350 KRNT Des Moines, IA 12 February 2010 2328-2330 Poor to Fair AMP 510 Mi
Heard: Hearing news, then into ID, WX with ID's, sports news.
ULR LOG: # 95 5 Kw / 5 Kw


  I won't list the fourth station until I can figure out the call.

  Alex N8UCN / KOH8IG / SWLR-RN037

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