DXing tomorrow AM from Pimentel, Peru

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

We've been in Peru for four days, having a great time seeing pre-Inca archeology on the North Coast and staying at Chiclayo.  I've arranged through friends of friends (with a cousin or two thrown in) to be met by a car at our hotel at 2:30AM local time.  We'll drive about 20 minutes straight west of Chiclayo to the little beach community of Pimentel.  There is a 600 foot pier extending into the open Pacific, pointing SW  at Australia that is easily visible on Google earth. Unless the pier is too noisy, I'll string out a 400 foot BOG on the pier (that would be a BOP, I believe!) and DX from there from 0900 to 1200 UTC on Monday.

If the pier is too noisy, we'll go just south of Pimentel on the Pan-Am highway and string a 400 foot BOG onto the sand.

I'm using a hotrodded E100 and a Kaito 1103 spotting receiver, both of which have` been modified to connect directly to the BOG.h

I'm afraid that this will be my only opportunity to DX from the coast as there are security problems in Trujillo (our next stop south of Chiclayo and then we head into the Andes.  I'll definitely do a night bandscan from Macchu Picchu, tho.

Very encouraged about the reports of TP conditions this morning, even if you guys couldn't get up at a reasonable hopur :>)

John B.
Chiclayo, Peru

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