Re: PL-380 Battery Problem

David Henry <david@...>


Thanks..... is beginning to look like using NiMH's charged with my own external charger has caused an overheat somewhere. I noticed there is a distinct brownish-rainbow colored patch on the bottom left corner of the LCD dial. It radiates from a point above the ETM button.

With a fresh set of alkalines installed, I have measured the voltage across the battery compartment at 4.62 V when the radio is switched off and 4.60 V when it is on and at volume control setting 10.

The receiver is now behaving rather erratically - like it needs a CPU reset, but I don't see where there is one. It will stay on for varying periods from a couple of minutes to an hour or so, before the 'Lo' warning appears and it shuts off. While it is on, it seems to be receiving normally, though there is a short chuffing sound each time I alter a control setting (like there is on my D96L, but of shorter duration)

Sometimes the battery icon appears as a flashing empty box, or if the receiver stays on for a while it stops flashing and is just an empty box.

I am no techie with miniaturized circuitry like this, so if I have blown something, there's probably not much I can do to repair it.

Apologies for the bandwidth. I will take this off-list with one of the guys if it is not appropriate to keep posting about it here.

Thanks again,

Dave (GM7VZV)
Aberdeen, Scotland

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