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Thanks, Kevin. I appreciate your feedback very much!

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Hi Kirk:

It sounds like you've got quite a bit of feedback, but here's a couple other observations. One thing about the T615 is that it doesn't have the birdies that the PL-310/380 have, and for audio fidelity, it really is a treat. I got mine through a Taobao agent for about $100 delivered, which is quite a bit cheaper than the other outlets.

That said, a DXer will want the PL-380. Checking frequencies just now in and around my 50 kw locals here in the Seattle area, which are generally 10-15 miles away, tough signals on the Tecsun were not even on the T615 due to the wide filtering, and where the Tecsuns could get a real clean signal it was still peppered with buckshot on the T615. I like the 380 better than the 310 (less soft mute, somewhat better tuning action), although the 310 has an FM/SW antenna jack if you're into those bands. If AM is your focus, the 380 is the best so far IMHO, and can be much more easily stealth modified with good Litz wire. With both, a modest passive loop like the Terk Loop will generally reduce the birdies to nada.

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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Hi All,

I am wondering if any of you living in a metro area with high rf noise problems have ever used a T-615? If so, how is it for adjacent channel and image rejections? I'm seriously thinking of getting one. After all, Robert Ross and Richard Allen love theirs, but they live in low noise areas compared to the Houston area.
I'd also be interested in anything that you've hrd or know about the radio even if you don't own one. I've read what I can on it, and it sounds like a winner....but I'm still debating with myself between getting it or a PL-380. I know the T-615 is superior for its nulling capabilities, but the 380 has its strong points as well, so.....limbo here for the time being.
Thank you in advance for any feedback.

Kirk Allen
Pasadena, TX

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