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Gary DeBock

Hi Kirk,
The Sony SRF-T615 is extremely sensitive for its tiny size, which is probably the main reason for its almost cult-like popularity. There is no other Ultralight radio so small that is so amazingly sensitive. As you mentioned, it is also exceptional in its nulling ability, which no doubt helped Rob and Richard log hundreds of stations. Both John and I used the barefoot SRF-T615 to log many TP's at Grayland, for a DXing thrill unlike any other.
For urban areas, however, the SRF-T615 would probably not be a good choice. It has mediocre selectivity (especially in relation to the new PL-380), and also spurious and image reception issues. In urban areas with heavy RF pollution, a radio with great sensitivity really needs to be overload-resistant, and the SRF-T615 just doesn't make the grade in this aspect. My local pest KSUH-1450 spreads out from 1430-1510 kHz when the SRF-T615 points its way, and the transmitter is over three miles distant. Even though the radio is probably a shade more sensitive than the PL-380 on most AM frequencies, the highly selective PL-380 would have far fewer urban side effects, and limit local splatter as well as any Ultralight radio in existence.
Full details on the SRF-T615 are contained in the 2008 Ultralight Radio Spring Shootout article, which is posted at . This was also the article, by the way, that sent the SRF-T615 price into the stratosphere, at least for North American purchasers :-)
73, Gary
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Hi All,

I am wondering if any of you living in a metro area with high rf noise problems have ever used a T-615? If so, how is it for adjacent channel and image rejections? I'm seriously thinking of getting one. After all, Robert Ross and Richard Allen love theirs, but they live in low noise areas compared to the Houston area.
I'd also be interested in anything that you've hrd or know about the radio even if you don't own one. I've read what I can on it, and it sounds like a winner....but I'm still debating with myself between getting it or a PL-380. I know the T-615 is superior for its nulling capabilities, but the 380 has its strong points as well, so.....limbo here for the time being.
Thank you in advance for any feedback.

Kirk Allen
Pasadena, TX

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