Re: Guy Atkin's Independent Testing of PL-380 7.5" Loopstick

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> I first got into DXing trying to hear the Phillies.

Baseball has been the ruination of many men. We had an old RCA console when I was about 10. Don't remember how we came to have it. The big dial and the magic-eye tube were very seductive. Once I'd logged and QSLed the big guns I lost interest in SWLing and combined ham radio and AM DXing.

> eventually bought my Sony 2010 at a ham fest in Orlando.

I'm going to that very hamfest tomorrow! Orlando "Hamcation."
> I do notice here that after a lot of rain, the Europeans seem to come in a little stronger at my home. I wonder if it is just improving the ground conductance up here on my little hill. There are no real hills here along the coastal plain. I may be at the highest point in all of Chesapeake and it's about 20 feet above the lake level.

It probably does have to do with soil conductivity. The entire band is low enough in frequency that F-layer propagation is possible every night. The Maximum Usable Frequency never gets that low. But other solar effects can be a blessing or a curse. When everything comes together it's pretty amazing what you can hear.

BTW, I just tried that little loop with my mother's old SRF-49 (she liked to DX but I never could get her to keep a log, alas) and the Terk. So far it's worked with every radio I tried. Anyone who can find one of those antennas for a buck or so can have a lot of fun with it, without have to hack the radio. Kudos to you, as I wouldn't have expected it to couple into the radio so well.


Jim, KR1S 

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