Re: Scratchy noises while tuning (was: Re: get 'em while they'...

Gary DeBock

Hi Dennis,
     Rob Ross and I are "war buddies" from the earliest days of Ultralight radio DX, so we get a little enthusiastic when we talk to each other.
     Back in December when the general AM-DX community thought we were a temporary fad, I sent 7 SRF-59 samples to Canada, in appreciation of Colin Newell's support of Ultralight Radio (and the posting of the SRF-59 review on  I don't know if the other 6 samples to Canada were ever used much, but I DO know that the one sent to Rob Ross was absolutely MAXED OUT as he started logging 300 stations in 30 days, to prove to anybody and everybody that Ultralight Radio DXing was here to stay!
     After that, Rob and I have gone on to buy E100's together on eBay, serve on the Awards Committee together, and currently plan to attempt injecting some Ultralight radio enthusiasm into a certain AM-DX club that could really use it.
     If you think the emails to the Yahoo list are pretty wild, you should see the private ones we send to each other :>)
     73, Gary

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