Re: Guy Atkin's Independent Testing of PL-380 7.5" Loopstick

jim_kr1s <jkearman@...>

--- In ultralightdx@..., Guy Atkins wrote:
> > Gary and I have also discovered that within the city limits of Puyallup
> > there can be major differences in TP MW reception. Gary lives a few miles
> > closer to salt water Puget Sound than I do, and he is also in the fertile
> > valley area where presumably the grounding is better. I live farther to the
> > east on a high, somewhat rocky ridge. At times Gary has heard signals I've
> > found inaudible, and on rare occasions the situation is reversed. 73,
> > Guy

Have your ears been ringing? :) These are interesting observations. We tend to think of loops as ground-independent, but the way signals are reflected is hard to know. Gary may be getting a boost from signals bounced off your hill, assuming the phase is correct. On your poorer soil, a Beverage antenna should work better than down in the fertile valley. But the way trans-polar signals get skewed, you'd need a few to be sure you were on the right bearing. Look at the bright side. When sea levels rise in a few decades, you'll both have oceanside locations!


Jim, KR1S 

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