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> Yea, those component stereo antennas are worthless as antennas, but can be perfect to slide over a radio as an inductor to feed the result of other antennas into it. They're no better, really, than just winding a few loops of wire around the radio, but you can put the proper plug on the end and not have to worry about it.  I like to haunt thrift shops and flea markets and often find them for a buck or so. I have a couple here just waiting for the right project.

Just tried it with the unmodified G8 and Terk Advantage. The signal levels are about the same as putting the G8 inside the Terk. Note to users of unmodified ULRs: This trick works well, and lets you spin the loop on a turntable while the radio sits in front of you. Good idea, Tony!

I'm not touting this auction seller; his price is higher than you can get the same thing for without the unnecessary connector, but the photo shows what we're talking about. 120521864043 OTOH, for quick use you could get one with a 3.5-mm connector, which would plug right into a Terk Advantage.

> For an easily portable boost on my radios, I rely on something I found in an old Popular Electronics article from the 60s. An AM Booster that was just a box with a ferrite rod and tuning capacitor inside that you were to set beside a transistor radio. I eliminated the box to make it even more portable.

I've done that here, and it does work. I tried it with an external 7.5" ferrite antenna. The advantage is being able to move it from radio to radio without modifying the radio.

> I'm not sure, but it seems to me that having two tuned 3 inch loops is better than one 6 inch loop with one cap. And it's jet another knob to fiddle with.

Haven't tried this, but intuition says a longer rod would outperform two stacked shorter ones, for nulling especially.

Got to get you building some radios from scratch. Unlike many people of my generation I didn't start out with regenerative receivers; I used old superhet consoles salvaged from the Salvation Army. If I still had those radios I could buy a Bentley! So I came late to regens, with low expectations. Superhets are easier to use, but good regens perform very well. I haven't built an AM BC superhet yet, mostly because I haven't felt the need. I already knew regens worked pretty well on the ham bands, but figured they'd stink on AM. Homemade radios have a short life span here, as they usually get taken apart for better ones. But the regen's a keeper.


Jim, KR1S 

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