Re: PL-380 Battery Problem

David Henry <david@...>

Thanks Gil and Jim...

Yep - I have the manual, and did everything as they tell you to.

I think the problem is that I used the Alkaline AA batteries that came with the radio, and this is the first time I have used re-chargeables with the PL-380. I use Energizer AAs, charged with their own dedicated fast-charger. It is possible that way of charging doesn't give them the exact voltage the intelligent charging circuit expects, so I am in the process of charging them further on a powered USB port on my PC. I did try that last night, and while it showed it was charging, after 6 hours, I thought perhaps it was not..

I left the radio off for a few hours this morning to clear any settings and then inserted fresh alkalines, with the charging circuit in the 'off' position, and it immediately showed the full voltage, but within seconds the battery indicator fell steadily to zero and the 'Lo' warning came up.

Hopefully, a period on the USB port will get it to a voltage it likes, or I will be confined to DX-ing in 2-minute sessions! LOL

Thanks again.

Dave (GM7VZV)

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