Re: Guy Atkin's Independent Testing of PL-380 7.5" Loopstick

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> When I come up for air in a month, I guess I could combine the hobby by building a regen amp for a box loop to feed into one of those non-tuned stereo set air-core AM loops I can couple to the UL by slipping it around the radio.

One of those things arrived in the mail today. It was smaller than I expected. You can tune one with the radio by connecting it through an impedance-matching transformer. Mine looks like about 11 uH, so a transformer with 5:1 turns ratio, as mentioned in the data sheet, should work. But the antenna is physically too small to seem very good, and is wound with plain stranded wire. I've been trying larger loops. You want to keep the inductance low to keep the feed line impedance low. It doesn't take much wire on a large frame to get to 10-15 uH, but this looks like the way to go. You get a large capture area and the radio tunes the antenna for you.

> And pretty soon this ultra light outfit will take up an entire room. And that's the charm of what John and you others discovered. The pure joy of using little radios to do amazing things. I find I keep going back to a station until I can conquer it without loops or any other assistance beyond a pair of headphones.

Any radio will do. I get a lot of pleasure from the regen; the PL-380 selectivity is good and I like the portability, but if Tecsun got it right and made an ICF-2010 sized radio with a decent internal antenna wound with real Litz wire, and that bloody soft mute defeated, I'd jump on it. Of course we'd all try to make it better, but it would make a good starting point.


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