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Wow, that does sound like a nice catch. :)
I wonder if I'd be out of luck trying to get that from here on the west coast with a barefoot unmodded PL-380. I live within a few miles of a 50kW (at nighttime) blowtorch on 760, KFMB. Even in the 1kHz mode on the PL-380, splatter from 760 doesn't really disappear until I'm about 13 or 14 kHz or so away from the assigned frequency, even though KFMB doesn't use IBOC. Maybe I should attempt to "cheat" with my Select-A-Tenna.
I can't even seem to get the TPs on 747 and 774, either. :( Also I have yet to have any luck getting the TP on 594. I'm 10 or fewer miles east of a 5kW station on 600 that runs the IBOC hash.
Right now, though, my PL-380 is semi-nonoperational. I had busted off the tuning knob, ordered a new part, and now with the new part in, it won't tune the radio. The arrows in the display will light up as if I was tuning, but the numbers and station won't change. Also I'm going away this weekend so it may be a while before it's fully back up and running (although I may patch it together enough to use the keypad to tune it while I'm gone this weekend). BTW, it's a 11-2009 model, and while I'd like to do a good quality stealth loopstick mod (I liked one person's idea of putting it where two of the batteries normally are), I'm holding off for a little while for now, at least until more info comes out on how effective various types of transplants are. :)
And, with John Bryant's recent passing, which I'm deeply sorry happened, I can fully understand extended delays in continued research in that area.

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Hi John and Allen,

Congratulations on your logging of 756-Germany, John. It is a very rare
visitor here on the west coast, but always requires a serious external
antenna, in addition to a very selective ULR.

73, Gary DeBock

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Congratulations John on your great catch there in Deleware of Germany on
756 The other two frequencies we often here as well for Germany are 972
and especially 1422 which can be found playing a lot of Classical music most

73 and Good Dx

Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland

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