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> One of these days I'd like to build a large box loop or something that's several feet in diameter. I may base it on one of the loops on Bruce Carter's website, but would be open to other suggestions, like maybe the PVC loops mentioned earlier in this group. I'm hoping I would be able to get 1000+ mile daytime DX with whatever loop I end up using, though, like Bruce was able to get with his loops.

There's a lot to know about wire spacing and construction methods, but you've probably found it all online already. I've been looking on the auction site for "loop antenna" and finding a lot of antiques to study for construction techniques. The techniques for modern loops are well covered, but it's fun to look. I've built a few large box loops, and the one thing I keep in mind is structural rigidity. You don't want sagging or warping, and it will fall over someday, so it should be strong enough to survive that. The only other suggestion is to make sure you can get it from where you build it to where you intend to use it, and that there is enough room to turn it without hitting the walls! Oh, and if you plan to take it in a car, make something that comes apart and goes back together, so you don't have to put the top down and wear it. :) The one I use now was meant to go out the door and stand on a tripod in the yard. It's top heavy enough that it destroyed the mount on a fairly hefty tripod, and it's too big to comfortably turn in the living room. So I guess it's big enough.


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