ULR AWARDS PROGRAM....Temporarily on Hold

robert ross

Hello All Fellow ULR DX'ers:

In light of the Tragic News of John Bryant's passing earlier this
week, I have consulted with Gary DeBock regarding the Future of the ULR
Awards Program. As many of you are aware, John and myself managed the
Awards Program, with Gary acting as a consultant on the Awards
Committee. The Awards Committee consisted of John, Gary and myself. I
did some of the Grunt Work...but the Main Cog in the Awards Program was
John!! He Invented the Program, he Designed the Awards, and it was he
who actually printed them up and sent them off to the various Dx'ers who
earned them.

At present I personally have no capabilities to Issue the Awards myself.
Gary DeBock advises that we may be able to continue printing them up
with the aid of some software that John had forwarded to Gary a short
time ago. There is a very good chance that we can keep the Awards
Program going ....but we are going to need a little time to Re-Group and
Re-Organize things a bit.

It would not be right to undo all the Great work John did to get the
Awards Program to where it is today. John was so proud of the Awards all
the ULR DX'ers were earning. He was also proud of the Personal Goals ULR
DXers were setting and achieving as they earned these ULR Awards!!

So...with all that said...I would like to ask everyone to just hold onto
any Awards Applications you may have.....and give Gary and I some time
to get this all figured out...and once we do.....we will announce when
the Awards Program is back and running at full capacity.

Thanks for everyone's understanding....but this really was a One Man
Show for the most part......and with that One Man gone......the 2 that
are left are gonna have a hard time filling his shoes!!

73...ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross


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