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> Hi Jim!
> Yes, it is the old BAX-1.

That thing is a museum piece! :)

> a nice use of my hands as compared to performing cancer surgery,

You chose a good profession, but I can see why you'd want something to get away from it sometimes.

> The Bax-1 adds mucho red dots on my 2010 and essentially doubled or triples the S/N on the E1.  Most of the time it amplifies the noise as much as the signal,

That's the problem we face with smaller antennas. The noise is all around us, so a preamp boosts it equally with the signals. Getting the antenna outside and away from household noise sources, even if the antenna is lossy, like a long wire on the ground (a Beverage "wave" antenna is properly one that is above the ground and terminated, so Beverage-on-ground is a misnomer!), the signal-noise ratio is improved enough to let us hear the weak sigs.

> The alternative might be to buy a fishing rod padded case and ship thru as luggage.

It is a crazy world indeed. My advice is worth what you're paying for it, but my sense is that they are using sniffers to look for bad chemicals, and might not even notice the antenna, except that it would show up in an x-ray. You might print out Ben Tongue's paper on ferrite-rod inductors and stick it in with the antenna. OTOH, I once saw an Orthodox rabbi nearly disrobed by security before boarding an El Al flight in London, so you never know what will set them off. (His wife was complaining that the nice young lads weren't frisking her, too!)

I took some small ham gear to Europe in 2007, in carry-on, with ham license documentation and a magazine ad for the radio itself, and nobody even bothered to look. A French customs guy was fascinated by the flash memory cards for my camera, though, and thoroughly examined every one. The radio would look suspicious to me, but I guess it wasn't making a proscribed scent. 

> I spend a fair amount of time in Tel Aviv, Israel

I have a question for you! What's the line-noise situation like in Israel? Many a night on 40 meters, I hear Israeli stations booming in, and the whole East Coast is calling them to no avail. Some of my compatriots are running 1500 W to multi-element beam antennas, and should be at least as strong on the other end as the Israeli is here, but they go unheard. During the same times we can work anything else in the Mideast that shows up with little difficulty, so the only conclusion I can draw is that it's noisier in Israel.


Jim, KR1S 

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