UL Logs Feb. 10- New Country!

Pilgrimway <pilgrimway.geo@...>

I'm totally sick of shoveling snow as we have almost 3 FEET on the ground here in central Delaware, so I spent time at the dials yesterday and was rewarded with a new UL country- Germany!

700 WDMV Walkersville MD, 1645, constant eclectic, heavy on Middle
Eastern pops, occasional announcements "…if you would like to buy time on this station…" and gave a website and a phone number in the 240 area code, ID at 1705 "This is AM 700, WDMV, Walkersville, Maryland". Relog, but Wiki has them running a Spanish format, looks like they've dropped it for English brokered.

756 Deutschlandfunk, Germany, Braunschweig & Ravensburg,, 2130, weak GG talk, slop from WJR but the 1 khz filter on the PL-310 split it nicely. My 16th UL country and my 25th MW country overall.

John Cereghin
Smyrna DE

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