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Wire makes a difference--I found that the 660 Litz (38 turns in the center of my 27" Stormwise 125 mu) did much better than 28 AWG multistrand hook up wire--much sharper and higher Q, and higher S/N ratios across the MW band...

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I built a tuned loop for LF reception using one of the 24" 125 mu Stormwise rods for someone about 8 months ago. It worked very well and was noticeably sharper tuning than a similar length tuned ferrite rod antenna I'd built years before using bundled and staggered Amidon 7.5" rods (way back when those 7.5" rods didn't cost $20 each!). I would guess the Stormwise rods would work similarly for MW usage.
I'd be willing to buy a rod and have it shipped to me, then send it on, if someone outside the country wanted to reimburse me and try one. Shipping might be expensive for a package of that size and weight (the larger rods are heavy). And I have no idea if such a long item could even be shipped via US Post Office mail though I don't see why it couldn't. Wellbrook sends its 1-meter diameter loop antennas overseas.
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Roy and other folk in the group
I hope my plug-in rod idea works -- so I can try your idea
But i saw some other rods -- not sure if we can get them in Australia
My son seels we not be able to due to a technology ban as the could be used to track submarines on VLF
On the site it says US only no international orders
see the monster rod section - the say they are mu 125 which seems to be what type 61 is
Up to 27inch long and 1inch diameter - there are some medium wave radios using the smaller ones on the site
though much of the site deals with ELF and VLF
Has anyone tried using these rods &  or would they be useful at MW compared to the Amidon's

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