Re: Question about Sony ICF-S5W

Gary DeBock

Hi Paul,
     Yes, I know all about the SSP series of Sony portables, because I have owned all three (and still have two of the models).
     The ICF-S5W was the only one of the three models exported from Japan-- the other two models were the Japanese-market ICF-S3 (an AM-FM unit), and the ICR-S2 (an AM-only unit).
     The ICF-S3 has a design very similar to that of the ICF-S5(W), but I found the AM sensitivity to be quite a bit worse, when I purchased a unit in Japan around 1980.  Apparently it lacked the ICF-S5(W)'s innovative FET RF amplifier circuitry, and I wasn't much impressed with it.
     The tiny ICR-S2, on the other hand, is a phenomenal pocket radio. It has awesome sensitivity for its size, surpassing all of the current Ultralight models except the SRF-T615 and DT-400W.  It has been one of my favorites for 27 years, as is still available on the Japanese Yahoo auctions, going for about $50 worth of Japanese yen.  By using my Japanese language ability, I was able to sign up for the Japanese Yahoo auctions and bid on various items, although I needed a friend in Japan to actually ship the items to me.  Using this method, I obtained many ICF-S5's (the Japanese-market equivalent of the ICF-S5W), which go for as little as $20 in Japan for very good units.  If you have a friend in Japan, you can do the same thing.
     73,  Gary 

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