Re: John Bryant death notice

Guy Atkins

Hmm...his unusual middle name is spelled incorrectly in the notice. It is "Hulon" with an "o". John told me the origin of it years ago but I forget the details. It is a family name that has some significance among the Bryants on his side of the family.

John will be sorely missed and remembered during the Grayland DXpedition Bill Whitacre and I will be on next week. Bill said that just a couple of days ago, John had written him to say he'll be "looking forward to being a vicarious member of the trip out to the Coast."

In some discussion this morning, Bill and I considered cancelling or postponing the trip, but we felt that John would have wanted us to move full speed ahead and enjoy the good times together, the Perseus rigs, chasing Trans-Pacific DX, and the antenna experiments. many times since 1990 I've strung out Beverages and other antennas with John at the property of the Grayland Motel. It won't be the same without him.


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This death notice is in the 2-10-10 Stillwater News-Press.SO far i have not seen an obituary posted.:
Bryant service pending

John Hulan Bryant, 68, of Stillwater, died Feb. 9, 2010. Services are pending with Strode Funeral Home.

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