Re: Scratchy noises while tuning (was: Re: get 'em while they'...

Gary DeBock

Huelbe and Tim,
     The SRF-59 "scratchy tuning control" is a malady that afflicts about 15% of the units I have aligned (or 8 out of the 51 I have aligned).  The only cure for the problem is replacement of the tuner component-- obviously not a practical solution in a $15 radio.  Unless you can return the unit for warranty repair service, your best option is to shell out $15 for a new unit, I'm afraid.
     By the way, after aligning 24 SRF-39FP "prison radios" and a couple of SRF-49's, it appears that this scratchy tuner issue is limited to the SRF-59's--  obviously a situation where a cheaper component fails more quickly than a quality one.
     73,  Gary DeBock 

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