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robert ross

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Hello Guys,'s Colin Newell, Master Filter Guru Guy Atkins and myself, Gary DeBock, has a very enjoyable meeting at a downtown Seattle coffee shop this afternoon, during which the future campaign strategy of the Ultralight Radio enthusiast group was extensively discussed.  Running against DXing boredom (and sedentary servitude to oppressive knobs and switches) the Ultralight Radio Party stands for total liberty, freedom and DX for all.  From the humble shores of Grayland to the hallowed beaches of Newfoundland, our international coalition pledges to continue promoting these supremely egalitarian receivers, providing the ultimate in DXing bang for the buck.  On to total victory!
     73,  Gary DeBock 

Gary...You don't have a Chance!!! You're not half as good looking as McCain's Running Partner!! HHAHAHHA I know who I'm voting for...and I'm not even in the right Country!! AHHAHHAHHA......

Glad to hear the DX Summit Meeting was Successful...and it's nice to see it included International Dignitaries from both USA and CANADA. I'm sure only Good Things can come from this first meeting of the Minds. That's a heck of a place to hold our ULR PARTY CONVENTION though......a Coffee Shop!!??? Were there any protestors outside (Geezers)!!...and I wanna know if Wolfe Blitzer showed up to do Interviews!!?? HAHHAHA...

Good work guys......hope everyone had a great time talking ULR's......


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