get 'em while they're hot....errr: available

Tim Davisson

Get 'em while they're even available.]

OK...maybe I'm over-reacting...but: I was stunned tonight to go in a
super Walmart near a big city and the lady in electronics told me
they nolonger carry portable, walkman-sized radios. None. Zip.

And, the Radio Shack in the same area had one little, $39.95 Grundig
small multi-band radio.

No Sony's. No Sangean's. No nothings.

Me...I'm gonna buy another SRF-59 just to stock up. I still have my
original one that won't tune below 640 without scratchy noises (that
part that's known to be bad in the earlier models), and the current
one I use all the time.

So, because we live in an iPod/MP3 world...perhaps we ultraligh
lovers should take heed and buy one or two of our favorite
inexpensive radios while they're available.

Good listening to all.


Tim, KD8GZ
Norton, Ohio

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