Tonight's ULTRALIGHT Sunset Skip Loggings.....1 NEW STN!!...........

robert ross

Hi Guys:

Just one New Station logged tonight...but it's a NEW STN for both the
OVERALL LOG and the ULR Log!! Surpised to hear this one as it's supposed to
be a DAYTIMER only as far as I can see......but they are still on the Air
as of 2030 EDT I'm listening to their LIVE Stream .......which
I also used to CONFIRM it was them I heard!!

RADIO USED for this reception was ....SONY SRF-T615 Ultralight

Ultralight Radio Totals now..........467 STATIONS HEARD


1540 WACA Wheaton, MARYLAND Sept/13/08 1945 EDT SPANISH GOOD
Nice ID by Male Announcer as "RADIO AMERICA". Into DC UNITED FUTBOL Game Live
Broadcast. Rapid Fire Play by Play in Spanish. Long, Loud
at 1946 EDT!!. Checked their Website Live Stream...and sure enough..they're
still on the air
with the DC UNITED FUTBOL Game.
Have these guys changed to 24 Hour Broadcasts...or just on late???

NEW STATION for Both Overall Log and ULR Log......ULR # 467 Heard 5 KW


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