Tim Davisson

Guys....WBSC 1550 in SC was heard here in northeastern Ohio last
night on the SRF-59....at times topping the frequency with high
school football. Yes, the two announcers had strong southern
accents. And, I picked them up at 10:23pm EDT....kinda late!

Other ultralight loggings last night (9/12/08, EDT):

1360 WMOV/Ravenswood, WV., 7:25pm
1380 WJHV/Asheville, NC, 7:31pm...religious programming

and...an officially unidentified:

890 ??? at times over, but mostly under WLS: college football,
Kansas-South Florida. I'm pretty sure this was Needam, MA (Boston),
but is only a tenative....so, it doesn't count.


Tim, KD8GZ
Norton, Ohio

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