Re: Guy Atkin's Independent Testing of PL-380 7.5" Loopstick

Gary DeBock

Hi Scott and Roy,
Thanks for your comments, especially those concerning our ULR group tradition of courtesy, and mutual respect.
Although our group has grown rapidly to over 500 members (with somewhat divergent interests), it has been one tradition that we have tried to maintain at all costs. It's always much more pleasant to work toward a common goal, rather than a common row :-) 
I'm sure that Guy and I will enjoy working together with you in trying different combinations of coils and Litz wire, to see if we can squeeze any more AM sensitivity out of the 7.5" PL-380 loopstick design. It appears that 7.5" PL-380 loopsticks could be designed to favor either the low band, high band, or even the LW band. Ironically, this was the same situation that led John, Guy and I to develop the E100 Slider models two years ago. Rather than kick off another controversy, I'll keep quiet about weird plans to test out a PL-380 7.5" Slider model to allow the optimization of all three band segments in one PL-380 hotrod model :-)    
73, Gary    
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To All,

I'd like to reinforce Gary's sentiment here. Since joining this
group, I've found everyone to be helpful in pursuing common
goals. And mutual respect can keep the group on-track and

I'll make a little confession. When I first watched Guy's
video, I started to type up an impatient response about how it
was done all wrong, etc. Then I thought better of it. The
Si4734 does many things entirely different from past designs,
and it's foolish to expect that one or two explanations will
reach everyone (or even be clear for that matter). So I wrote a
new post, concentrating on just one misunderstanding that I felt
I could clarify. Roy later responded with his thorough and
patient post. The resulting thread is far better than it might
have been.

Cheers and Respect,

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> In any case, thanks again for your helpful suggestions , and especially
> for the continual atmosphere of discussing technical differences with mutual
> courtesy and respect.
> 73 , Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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