An open request to the Engineers at the Tecsun factory.

Roy <roy.dyball@...>

Hello and thank you for producing such a fine product. The ongoing advancement of each of your Radios has been appreciated by everyone in this Group.

We support your product by purchasing it and telling others how good your product is. We realise we are not a majority of your sales figures but ask if you would add a small feature that will not add one cent to the production cost of future and current models of your radios.

On the radios that you produce that have adjustable bandwidth selection will you please consider adding a long press option to this existing button that will disable the soft mute function.

This will not affect other users as this feature is indeed beneficial. If you could let the user decide to toggle this option it would make a big difference to the DX community. The only cost to your company is a few lines of software code and the button is already on the radio so there is no capital cost.

I hope this message like a message in a bottle finds its target and perhaps we will see this valuable feature in the future.

The UltalightDX Group.

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