Re: ULR DX.......# 800 Logged....and # 801 Too!!! FINALLY!!

Carl DeWhitt

Thanks on the tip on the article about barefoot ulr dxing.Since my last post ,i did a search on the SRF-T615.I found 2 apparent sources.

Carl DeWhitt

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carl_elissa wrote:

Wow ! Congratulations ,Rob, on hitting the 800 mark !
Thanks!!! It was a FUN Ride!!

Is the Sony SRF-T615 still available for purchase ?
Yes.....but ONLY from JAPAN.....and it is NOT CHEAP! Close to $200 to
bring them to CANADA Delivered. I like it sooooo much I bought a Second
One so I can have one on each floor of the House! I have about 24 ULR
Radios...pretty much everything that has come along....and the T615 is
the KING as far as I'm concerned...but what do I know eh????

How about an article on how you log all those stations barefoot ?
Again,congratulations and on to 900 !
Carl DeWhitt
Well Carl.....that Article has ALREADY been done. A few weeks ago John
Bryant announced an Article on Barefoot DXing Techniques which was
written by 5 of us ULR DXers. The article is in the ULR FILES SECTION
and also on the Webpage under the ULR Files.

Check it out and see what some of the Top Barefoot Dxers do...and how we
do it!


Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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