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Thanks again for the nice certificate, John! It took me a month to get to 15 countries, and the next 5 took another month. There is an awful lot of interference from Cuban stations here, plus a fair number of Florida stations. Some nights the path into Europe just never opens from down here. The farthest north I've been able to copy is the UK, only about 4300 miles. But copying the Mideast, >7000 miles away, on a radio that fits in my shirt pocket is lots of fun, even if the programming is mostly boring (not R Farda, though -- love the music!).

Looking toward South America, Cuba, with 191 AM stations, is right in the way. Some night I ought to take the radio outside and let the condo buildings act like a screen. Maybe that will enhance reception to the east and northeast. I'm up to 21 now, and there are a few seemingly easy Europeans left. Maybe this month I'll hit 25.

About half of the 20 were logged with a barefoot G8. I got a Terk antenna the same day as the PL-380 arrived just before Christmas, and used that for a few more. I'm sure they could have been logged barefoot but I wasn't thinking about the certificate. Had the Terk, why not use it? Then the PL-380 got the irreversible internal antenna mod, so it's Unlimited all the way, now. Guess I could use the PL-380 as a spotter and log them as Barefoot with the G8, but that's too much like work. Could try hooking up the big air loop I made for my homemade receiver, but haven't needed it so far. Sooner or later they all fade up to audibility. Also, I like being able to DX while walking around the house. The public beaches here close at sunset. Our county commissioners are obviously not MW DXers! I live a couple of miles inland.

One thing about logging foreign countries is that it's reduced my interest in logging domestics. I've become addicted to Heterodyne Hunting. :)


Jim, KR1S 

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