conditions last night

Allen Willie

Hi Guys,
Last night here in the North Atlantic produced a TA opening which was later than usual here ( about 1:30 AM Local 5:00 UTC ) Was hoping to ride the wave longer but the sandman took over .
1476 khz -  Euskadi Irratia , Biribilondo Spain  5:32 UTC 2/2/10 - News by man  in Basque or Spanish  (strongest signal I've ever heard from this one )
Other logs earlier in the evening
1150 khz - CHGM - Gaspe, Quebec  00:27 UTC 2/2/10 w/ french talk and many Country music tunes in English and french  (sounded like a local )
 720 khz - KNR - Simmutaq, Greenland   00:50 UTC 2/2/10 w/ musical selections and woman reading in Danish or Greenlandic (Great signal from this one tonight )
Good DX to All
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland  37:47N  52:45W
SRF-39 FP barefoot

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