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Roy <roy.dyball@...>

Hi Marc

Yes I came across that site. They had written their code in VB6 and were using the I2C interface to control the chip. They openly admitted it did not work properly and someone had rewritten the program using Delphi which is what they are using now.

Cheers Roy.   

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> Roy schreef:
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> > Hi Scott
> >
> > Thank you for the link to the sample C code and the explanation. All
> > my code is written in VB.NET 2008. I have many years experience with
> > it from my previous business dealings before I retired and the program
> > was going before I thought too much about it. I have got the 3 wire
> > interface running really well and the 9 bit data word was a real
> > challenge especially in VB.NET, I think the hardest part was getting
> > the half clock cycle delay correct during the bus turn around.
> >
> Strange, but I think I saw some source code on the german site modul-bus
> ag (or so), where they sell a silabs chip on a usb-bridge.
> Marc

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