Re: I received my PL-380 today but don´t know if it´s the late...

Silvio <www-clorofila-up-to@...>

Hi Jim, Hi Gary !

Thanks both for the highly useful and enlightening photos and explantions about soft mute & SW stability !

Unfortunately my Pl-380 is old version.

Because my english is basic (many times with google´s help) i did not understand the meaning of the word "flap" and only with the box´s flap photo i could do it.

So since the soft mute did not change, I'll give it time before making a possible exchange or acquisition of a new version.

I am very grateful for clarification and follow my wishes of great 73's for everyone.

Maybe my question is that of many people because with respect to SW, I am thinking about creating a port for an external antenna to SW to pull a wire from the battery negative and another from telescopic antenna. I did this with the Tecsun R9012 that I had and the improvement was remarkable. I think there would be no problem in the case of PL-380. Although i'm more focused on Dxer in OM, i thik to do this procedure.


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According Jim´s answer (which also grateful for the answer) I
sniffed that he he did not know about the details of this so relevante
label with this inscription.

Hi, Milton,

My eyes are going. I found the numbers on the end of the flap. I put a
photo with a ring around the version number in the Photos section of our
Yahoo site, in an album titled "PL-380 Version." This link to it might


Jim, KR1S <>
Re: [ultralightdx] Re: I received my PL-380 today but don´t know
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Mon Feb 1, 2010 5:35 pm (PST)

Hi Milton,

Thank you for your kind comments, which are much appreciated.

My earlier photo of the Tecsun PL-380 model shipping boxes was not so
clear, so here is a better one. You can easily see the writing "2009.9 VER.2"
and "2009.9 VER.1" on the shipping box flaps in the photo below, which can
help any DXer determine whether or not the model is a "new version" or old
version" PL-380. This same photo is posted at
_ ( , for those who cannot
receive the photo in their email.

Regarding the soft-mute issue, Milton, I have tested both the "new version"
and "old version" PL-380 models by tuning 1 kHz up or down (as Scott has
recommended), but I cannot detect any difference in the soft-mute function.
I think that the soft-mute function is set at the same level on both of the
PL-380 versions, but this level is significantly lower than on the PL-310,
D96L or other Si4734 models.

Milton, the SW band on the PL-380 is usually stable on all models, both new
and old version. When I was drafting the PL-380 review one of my two
review models had a defective SW section with an intermittent oscillation
problem, but this was only a problem in one out of twelve PL-380 models so far,
so it seems that this was just a rare issue. Seven other "old version"
PL-380 models have been fine on the SW band.

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