OOPS! Forgot Jim Kearman!

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>


With that mass of awards, I forgot to mention that Jim Kearman of Florida became only the second Ultralighter working in the Unlimited Class to submit loggings to Rob and qualify for 20 Countries Heard!  That is a tough hurdle to cross, no matter your location. I suspect that there are several more Unlimited Class folks who have heard 20 countries... Gary Deacon???  Gary DeBock??? John Plimmer??? One or two of our European contingent certainly should have hit 20 Countries by now???

Jim, CONGRATULATIONS!  An excellent accomplishment!

John Bryant
for The Awards Committee

An extensive group of awards certificates is available from the Ultralight MW DXing Awards Committee. Each recipient receives a digital file which may be used for electronic display or is suitable for framing when printed at 8 12" x 11" on good quality paper. Information on the Awards Program and the simple application procedures are found in the Downloads>Ultralight Files>General Information area of dxer.ca and our own file area here at ultralightdx. Applications go directly to Rob Ross

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