Re: Again, a LARGE Group of Awards

robert ross all who earned ULR AWARDS this week!!! Especially to those who cashed in on the First Group of DX Centurian Awards!! BRAVO!!


Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

John H. Bryant wrote:



This week, the Committee has processed quite a few more awards. Jeff Curtis and Randy Brown both completed work on 25 States Heard in the Barefoot Class! If you have not tried that hurdle yet, you ought to... by 25, each new state has become that much tougher. Congratulations to both of the fine DXers.

The rest of the awards were the beginnings of a large group, I hope, of DX Centurian Awards. Kirk Allen and Richard Allen each qualified for both the DX Centurian: Latin America and DX Centurian: Mexico awards... Richard was in the Barefoot Class and Kirk was DXing with Unlimited Class equipment. Excellent, long term work by both of these guys!

Gary Deacon checked in from South Africa and went home with two SUPERB DX Centurian awards.... for Oceania as a whole and for his 104 Aussies in one season... surely that is a record that will not soon be equaled.

Frank Welch also has made it into the DX Centurian ranks with DX Centurian: New York now among his awards... in the Barefoot class and Allen Willie (with 70 Countries plus, Barefoot) checked in, sending Rob a logbook of more than 100 MW stations in Europe DX Centurian: Europe is already in St. John's!

I managed to get Rob's approval for my own logging of over 100 MW stations from Texas just today (Monday) and also for Asia from Washington state, so I hold a DX Centurian: Texas and DX Centurian: Asia, thankfully. However, I'm a looooong way from that DX Centurian: Oceania of Gary's. Something to shoot for... but it will be several years, I fear. And it may be NEVER before I get close to his 104 Aussies in one season or in several!

Well, that was quite a haul and a most welcome one by the Committee.... let's see if we can blur ol' Rob's vision this next week....

John Bryant
for The Awards Committee

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