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Hi Gary ,

Thank you for your useful explanation, but i did not understand where is the exact local of this flap "2009.9 VER.2".

I understood that this flap is pasted in outside of the package or pasted in outside of radio box (where if printed the PL-380 photo)?

If possible, may you post this photo in some link or send it to my email www-clorofila-up-to@... ?

I cannot to open the radio to make the coil modification until be sure that it is the new version.

According Jim´s answer (which also grateful for the answer) I sniffed that he he did not know about the details of this so relevante label with this inscription.

Thanks a lot,

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Hello Milton,

Thanks for your inquiry. The "new version" PL-380 models all have the
shipping box tuck-away flap marked with "2009.9 VER.2" (as in the photo below),
and the "old version" PL-380 models all have the same flap marked as
"2009.9 VER.1" This makes it very easy for a DXer to know which model is

Earlier this month I specifically ordered a "new version" PL-380 from
Joyce, who sent me a model with a serial number of 36920091201007. This model
was manufactured in December, which appears to be the first month that these
"new version" PL-380's were manufactured. Based on the serial number
difference (my new version 369200912xxxxx versus your radio's 369200910xxxxx)
and the fact that your PL-380 was manufactured in November, I'm quite sure
that you have an "old version" PL-380.

Despite this, all available evidence indicates that there is no significant
AM-DXing performance difference between the "new version" and "old
version" PL-380's. I have tested various models of both versions, and they both
perform equally well as AM-DXing radios, either as stock or modified models.
Accordingly, it is probably unnecessary for you to insist upon a "new
version" replacement from Joyce, if your primary objective is AM-DXing.

I will also paste below my response to a related message from "Jm392C,"
who also received one of these "new version" (S/N 369200912xxxxx) models this

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

Hello Jm392c,

Thanks for your initial report on the "new version" PL-380, which is
helpful to the group.

My own "new version" PL-380 arrived today by EMS shipment from Joyce of
"Anon-co," and was manufactured in December with a serial number very similar
to yours (36920091201007). After a thorough initial checkout in comparison
to the previous PL-380 models, there is no apparent difference in any of
the AM-related functions, including the "soft mute" level (which still seems
significantly reduced from the PL-310's irritating level).

Those with new PL-380's should be aware that changes in the DSP filtering
selection can have major effects on AM sensitivity, so that switching to
the 2 or 1 kHz setting can increase AM sensitivity (and the S/N ratio reading
in the display) significantly. Consequently, when comparing the live
signal AM reception of two identical PL-380's, it is essential that both radios
have the same DSP filter setting to ensure accurate results.

From the standpoint of an AM-DXer, it certainly seems that Tecsun has not
many any negative changes in these "new version" PL-380 models, so
interested hobbyists are advised to order with confidence.

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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Hello friends of ultralight!

Greetings to all!

I have followed all the discussions of this incredible forum with a lot of
attention and satisfaction.

I just received my PL-380 from Joyce via Ebay today, January, 28.

I need to know if my radio is the latest version. It´s label serial number
is 36920091000093 and label with manufacture date, 11/2009.

It was posted on January 08, 2010 and arrived on January 28, 2010 here in
Curitiba, Parana State, Brasil.

I read a messege in group ultralight that PL-380s with serial numbers
36920091200994, 36920091200998 and 36920091201009 have 2 screws in the battery
compartment and had received very stable in SW and soft mute funcion is

My question is if my copy is the most current and the soft mute function
is disabled it because I have not had time to test it yet, but I'll do this
later today.

I appreciate if someone can tell me something based on the serial number

I also asked for Joyce but so far she has not responded to my email.

If it is not the most current will try to replace it with Joyce before
making any changes in the OM coil.

My heartfelt greetings and best wishes to all of the group.

Curitiba city
Parana State

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