best time to Ultralight AM DX

Tim Davisson

Perhaps this is old news to many of us, but
thought I'd pass it along any way, just in
case many don't know:

sunRISE-set is a GREAT time to AM DX. Even,
5:00am-local sunrise is often a fantastic
time to DX.

And, the main reason is beyond propagation.
The reason is, Monday-Fridays, from approximately
5:00am-9:00am...or "morning drive" is when
the overwhelming majority of AM stations run
the mostly LOCAL commercials for local businesses.
Morning drive is "prime time" and prime ad
revenue time for most radio stations.

These local commercials give the advertiser name,
address, occassionally the phone number, and
even website URLs....information that can help
give clues as to what station you're listening to.

And, in moring drive weekdays, many stations
who run programming from satellite talk, sports,
or music syndicators often have live, local
morning shows....or at least a TON of local
breaks. All that means more local content in
morning us listeners a ton more
clues about where that station you're hearing
is coming from...and who they are.

Happy ultralight DXing my friends!


Tim, KD8GZ
near Akron, Ohio

P.S.: FYI...if any of you AM DXers are QSL card
and or verification collectors...and send station
reception reports...I am the guy who gets those
DXer reports for my employer: 1590 WAKR in Akron.
We also own 2 FMs...94.9 WQMX (country) & 97.5
WONE-FM (classic rock). Feel free to mail or
e-mail correct reception reports. I'm pleased to
verify by v/letter with stickers and other station
goodies. TD

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