Re: Si4734 Hardware and Software Guides

Roy <roy.dyball@...>

Hi Phil

Your Ver 2 is very informative.


You might like to point out that the AM: LO frequency is 45 kHz above RF for RF frequencies < 1000 kHz and 45 kHz below RF for RF frequencies > 1000 kHz. For example, LO frequency is 945 kHz when tuning to 900 kHz. Also in Ver 40 firmware there are two more filter selections available 1.8Khz an 2.5Khz with gradual roll off, also a power line filter is available. Also some of the power up defaults have changed e.g. the soft mute with the introduction of the Ver 40 firmware (Si4734-C40).


Cheers Roy.




--- In ultralightdx@..., "just_rtfm" wrote:
> Hacking the Si4734:
> Hardware (Ver 2) and Software Handbooks for Shortwave
> available at link below. error reports welcome.
> regards,
> phil :)

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