Groups io Sets Up New Group Transfer Prcoess from Yahoo to Groups io

Gary DeBock

For those of you who were unaware of the efforts being made to once again attempt a group transfer from Yahoo to, I'll summarize the new situation.

When we originally attempted a group transfer from Yahoo to, we got a message saying that Yahoo had made a change in their login process, preventing from exporting an entire group (membership, files, etc.) from Yahoo to At the time, said they were studying on how to work around this problem, and temporarily couldn't do any Yahoo group transfers.

This afternoon gave notice of their new workaround solution, but it is somewhat convoluted, and involves a Yahoo group Owner approving a new member application from and making this "new member" a Moderator, with authority to shift around membership and files. After this "new member" transfers everything to the new site, the "new member" eventually deletes the entire group.

Rob and I have already completed all the necessary steps to initiate this new group transfer, although is making us wait in an application line while our request is processed, during which time Yahoo will have the opportunity to throw a new monkey wrench into the process if they discover what is going on. As such, success is not guaranteed. The latest response message from concerning our request is pasted below.

Gary DeBock (Moderator on Yahoo, Owner on

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