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keith beesley

Hi Dave,

It has been said before, but probably bears repeating, that with the newer Chinese radios, you can't judge the performance of a certain make and model by a particular unit. They are fully capable of making very good radios; but sometimes you have to return one or two lemons before you get a "good one."

I don't own an outdoor antenna either but enjoy listening outside, weather permitting :-)

Welcome to the group and 73,

Keith B.

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Just saying "hi" to the group, as a new member. Also, I wanted to say that I purchased a Grundig G8 last night and am very happy I did. A neat little set; my first radio with DSP. The selectivity is very good. What they say about its AM and FM recpetion in that regard is true!

I also like the neat signal meter which displays the signal-to-noise ratio, even though I don't really understand just exactly what sort of readings one should be looking for... or hoping for with this! I understand that a higher number for the signal itself is obviously better; my ears tell me that! However, I am not sure just what the signal-to-noise number means; is higher better?...or lower? guess is that the smaller the gap between the two numbers is probably better?

Anyway, I am enjoyig the G8. I must have gotten a good one because mine does not have any of the image problems on SW that others report. I've been up and down all over the dial, too. Not one single image have I noted yet.

Actually, I should say "thanks" to this group. It is because of you that I have my G8. The information I read on this message board made me go out and buy it. You see, I actually tried the G8 once before. I bought it on impulse one day. (I never told my wife about it..."what!? ANOTHER radio!?!" any guys here ever deal with this phenomenon?) Anyway...I was never impressed at ALL with this first set. There was not a single shortwave station that I could get clearly; every single one had images which I could not seem to tune out by relocating the radio, detuning, lowering the antenna...all the usual tricks one uses. It also had the warbling sound that some have reported, due to the mute function on the DSP chip being out of alignment, so they say.

I finally decided after a couple of weeks to simply return it. After all, I really did not need ANOTHER radio, especially one that seemed to be a real dog. Christmas was coming, and the extra cash certainly would be nice to have anyway. (Part of the problem may have been that I bought the display model? Who knows how many people handled it, dropped it, etc.?) Well, I kept reading in various places how good the little G8 is. I wondered what I had been missing. Perhaps I had gotten a lemon? Perhaps I did not spend enough time getting used to the nuances of the set? So...when I joined this group last night and read the wonderful review of the G8 posted here, I got up out of the chair, put my coat on and asked my wife if she wanted to take a car ride with me to Radio Shack so I could get a Grundig G8. She said, "sure", and well, now I have one again. This time, it's a really good one!

For the record, I should actually clarify one thing. My wife is very supportive of my radio hobby. She never balks when I buy a new radio. I just sometimes avoid telling her about a new radio because, I dunno...I feel sort of foolish, ya know? Us guys don't always want our significant others to realize just what a "little boy" we still are when it comes to our passion for our toys!

My other radios are:
Zenith Trans_Oceanic Royal 1000D,

Eton/Grundig models:
YB 550PE
Mini 100
Mini 300PE
G2000 ("Porsche")
G4000A (a.k.a YB 400)
G3 traveller
G6 Aviator - Buzz Aldrin edition
Satellit 750
Satellit 800

Realistic DX398 (a.k.a. Sangean ATS 909)

ICF 7600GR
ICF 2010

I have also owned the Sangean ATS 808 and the Realistic DX 440, (a.k.a. Sangean ATS 803 - another radio I never quite felt all that great about...seemed so "hissy" and somewhat deaf.)

I want to try the new Grundig Mini 400 that sells for about $30.
That will be next!

As for antennas, I have never had an outdoor antenna! I am 48 years old and have been listening to shortwave since I was about 12. Can you believe it? That's another thing I should look into!! One could say that a couple of the sets I own are almost "wasted" on a guy like me. For instance, to own an E1 and never hear it really sing on an outdoor antenna!? That's probably some sort of radio crime! And maybe the DX 440 I owned would have done much better with an outdoor antenna too!

Active Antennas I use: Sony ANLP_1, Degen 31, C Crane Twin Coil Ferrite
I have one Passive antenna: Grundig AN200

Well, I've gone on long enough here. However I just wanted to say hello and "thanks" for inspiring me to give the G8 another try!

Dave from Minnesota

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