Re: PL-360 available from anon-co $69.99 shipped

jim_kr1s <jkearman@...>

Good spot! The antenna situation is interesting. The plug-in antenna doesn't seem to have a tuning knob. So you'd expect the radio to tune it. But they show the AN-2000 plugged in. That antenna has a built-in tuning capacitor, which intuition says would make it impossible for the radio to tune it at MW, though it would probably resonate at LW. Yeah, you'd hear stations at MW, but you'd lose the ability of the radio to tune the antenna. An external antenna without tuning cap, and of the right inductance, would work, though.

Can't make out the buttons, but no mention of adjustable selectivity. This looks like a toy, not a proper replacement for the PL-380, which the lower model number supports. Maybe they had some broken pieces of ferrite rod to use up. Let's keep fingers x-ed that there's a -390 or -400 coming, with soft-mute-defeat option and a fat internal antenna wound with real Litz wire!


Jim, KR1S 

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